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Songs of the Earth

  • Collaborators: Soumik Datta Arts (England), Earth Day network (India), illustrators Sachin Bhatt and Anjali Kamat (India)
  • Climate change theme: Various – climate migration, extreme weather, energy efficiency, plastic pollution, air pollution, coastal erosion, deforestation, and wildfires

Songs of the Earth is a climate change animation film and music album that tells a global story, weaving issues from climate migration, extreme weather to ocean pollution, deforestation and sustainable fashion through original narrative, songs and immersive visuals.

Watch the film above!

It follows the story of Asha, a young climate refugee from Bengal, as she searches for her missing father through the flood banks of the Sundarban delta, burning forests and melting polar ice caps, highlighting the plight of the Global South.

During COP26

Songs of the Earth Performance by Soumik Datta takes place at the Royal Albert Hall on 31 October. In addition, the film is also screened at several COP26 events.